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US-based group wins 2019 RTC for project to replace polluting fuels with a solar-powered home cooking system

Elsevier and the International Solar Energy Society (ISES), announce that “SUNSPOT Solar Electric Cooking” by Team SUNSPOT is the winner of the second Renewable Transformation Challenge 2019!

Paul Carroll and Douglas Danley (right) stand alongside the Sunspot Solar Electric Cooker. Danley, Carroll and team members Teresa Danley, and Vladimir Brunstein (not pictured) were this year’s winners of the Elsevier-ISES Renewable Transformation Challenge

(Credit: Douglas Danley).

“A key to achieving 100% renewable energy and a decarbonized energy system is to accelerate the electrification of all of our end use energy needs,” added Dr. David Renné, imediate past President of ISES. “The electrification of traditional cooking methods in developing countries, which generally rely on the unsustainable use of biomass fuels, will be a significant game changer, and will also help accelerate energy access to all off-grid populations so they can meet their other end use energy needs as well.”

Over 100 entries were received for the biennial challenge. They were scored in terms of applicability, impact, sustainability and scalability in two stages: first by the Juror Panel, and then by the Elsevier-ISES Awards Committee who selected the final winner from the ten shortlisted candidates.

“It was great to see so much great work being done in these proposals from across the world, from Uganda to Portugal, the USA to India, and beyond,” said Adam Fraser, Senior Publisher, of the renewable and sustainable energy journal portfolio, in Elsevier’s energy programme. “By electrifying home cooking systems using solar energy in a cost effective way, Team SUNSPOT can steadily begin to reduce the immediate adverse effects of polluting cooking methods, and make a contribution towards our global efforts to combat climate change. Work such as this is what Elsevier’s energy programme and ISES set out to support: learning from the sort of research we’ve got a strong history of publishing and taking that out into communities to deliver real impact.”

ConSolFood 2020  / Portugal

Third International Conference CONSOLFOOD2020 - Advances in Solar Thermal Food Processing took place for 22nd, 23rd and 24th January, 2020 at the Institute of Engineering of the University of Algarve in the city of Faro in Portugal. This was the third conference with experts from all over the world to present and discuss topics related to advances in solar food processing and solar cooking.
Please help us to publicise CONSOLFOOD as widely as possible to anyone who might be interested. 
Conference webpage - - will be updated frequently with the latest information.
Presentations will soon be uploaded.
programme version 7(pdf)
Flyer CF2020(pdf)

Results from past conferences and webinars

6th SCI World Conference 2017 - Results

Participants of the 6th SCI World Conference 2017 in India, Gujarat, Muni Seva Ashram           (Photo by SCI)

Find presentations and papers here!

Webinar on Solar Food Processing

from 17.02.2016 (90 min.)

Expert speakers show examples of how solar food processing can be a profitable business venture. The panelist speakers present case studies where individuals and companies use solar cooking techniques to earn their living and have made a successful and professional business.

ISES is pleased to have the following experts speaking in this webinar:

Rolf Behringer, moderator, Solare Zukunft
Heike Hoedt, Simply Solar
Dr. Michael Goetz, Cocina Solar Mexico
Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Scheffler, Solare Bruecke


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Consolfood Consolfood 2016 - Results

Consolfood-2016 took place from Jan 22 - 23 2016 at 'Instituto Superior de Engenharia' Universitiy Algarve Portugal.

Results can be found here:

The International Solar Food Processing Conference 2009 was held on January 14-16, 2009 in Indore, India.

The Solar Food Processing Network was introduced in April 2005 by the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) and funded by WISIONS. Since then, the Network has accumulated more than 120 registered activists, interested groups or individuals from over 40 countries.


Presentations and papers can be viewed here.