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CONSOLFOOD2023: First Call for Abstracts

12-13-14 July 2023


Fifth International Conference: Advances in Solar Thermal Food Processing

CONSOLFOOD 2023 is being planned for summer time in Galicia (CIFP SOMESO, A Coruña, Spain).

An exhibition of solar cookers will be available for viewing during the conference days. We will use theese cookers to produce our solar lunch, with the help of our friend, the sun.

The whole CONSOLFOOD2023 conference program will be delivered in hybrid format, so those who register, but are not present at CiFP Someso, will be able to participate online.

> We will focus on advances in solar cooking, solar food processing, and related topics. As usual, we expect to attract experts from all over the world to present and discuss the latest developments.


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We invite you to join us at CONSOLFOOD2023

Many people in developing countries still burn wood, charcoal, or even garbage on open fires for cooking purposes because they do not have access to electricity or gas. The inefficient burning of wood, charcoal, dung, and plant residues causes health problems, deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. The potential of thermal solar energy for food processing tasks like drying, cooking, and pasteurization is well understood, but adoption of this technology is not increasing as rapidly as would be desirable. In the sunny parts of the developed world, few people would recognise a solar cooker, and most still use only gas and electricity for cooking. The introduction of solar cookers in sunny areas for cooking, food drying, and water sterilization is our goal.


The deadline for submission of your abstracts for this conference is 15th December, 2022.

You should limit your abstract to 400 words, and follow these guidelines: 

Submission: Via e-mail to

Assessment: All abstracts will be reviewed and assessed by the members of the scientific committee. The organising committee will inform each author whether their submitted abstract has been accepted.

Conference Proceedings: The organizing committee encourages all authors to write an optional full length paper for inclusion in our conference proceedings.

Presentation formats: Recorded presentations, with a duration of about 25 min, using Powerpoint or other software. Recorded Pecha Kucha presentations, with durations of about 7 minutes using Powerpoint or other software.

Fee: We expect to run the conference in hybrid format with a fee of 200 euros. Interested people facing financial difficulties should contact the organizing committee. 

Scaling up Solar Baking

The startup SOLARBAKERY has its origins in the many years of experience of the founders on the African continent. Simon Zimmermann set up the first container bakery in Kinshasa, the capitol of the Congo (pop. 14 million), which generated $128,000 in revenue in its first year of business.

The high demand for quality baked goods offered immense growth potential. But one problem kept affecting operations. Constant power outages in the Congolese capital led to numerous production stoppages. The built-in emergency generator was able to keep production running most of the time, but it consumed vast amounts of expensive diesel fuel and polluted the environment through emissions.

Zero Impact Solar Roasting Plants

The PuroSole coffee roasting plants have zero environmental impact, do not consume energy, do not produce CO2, and can be easily configured and installed according to production needs.

The basic components of each configuration are: groups of reflectors, impeller, control unit. The chosen configuration can then be easily expanded to increase productivity levels, thus safeguarding the investment already made.

Results from past conferences and webinars

6th SCI World Conference 2017 - Results

Participants of the 6th SCI World Conference 2017 in India, Gujarat, Muni Seva Ashram           (Photo by SCI)

Find presentations and papers here!

Webinar on Solar Food Processing

from 17.02.2016 (90 min.)

Expert speakers show examples of how solar food processing can be a profitable business venture. The panelist speakers present case studies where individuals and companies use solar cooking techniques to earn their living and have made a successful and professional business.

ISES is pleased to have the following experts speaking in this webinar:

Rolf Behringer, moderator, Solare Zukunft
Heike Hoedt, Simply Solar
Dr. Michael Goetz, Cocina Solar Mexico
Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Scheffler, Solare Bruecke


klick here / or photo

Consolfood Consolfood 2016 - Results

Consolfood-2016 took place from Jan 22 - 23 2016 at 'Instituto Superior de Engenharia' Universitiy Algarve Portugal.

Results can be found here:

The International Solar Food Processing Conference 2009 was held on January 14-16, 2009 in Indore, India.

The Solar Food Processing Network was introduced in April 2005 by the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) and funded by WISIONS. Since then, the Network has accumulated more than 120 registered activists, interested groups or individuals from over 40 countries.


Presentations and papers can be viewed here.