The Solar Food Processing Network

Solar Food Processing

There is a need to identify the most effective solar processing technologies and products in terms of quality and cost effectiveness. We aim to bring together a motivated network of experts (engineers, food scientists, farmers and SMEs in the food and RE industries) who are interested in further developing existing technology, increasing the value, and exploring useful prospects to penetrate the food market. Sustainable energy for industry has to be more widely considered, also at a local scale where it has tremendous potential. An important aspect is to increase awareness among producers and users on the opportunities in using clean energy when producing or conserving food.


- Improving food security and quality
- Reducing energy dependancy by using renewable energy
- Developing and producing solar food products
- Developing and implementing solar food technologies
- Creating income opportunities for private sector and SMEs
- Developing a sustainable and fair food industry

Good Examples Needed

You are running a solar food project or business?
You are convinced and love what you are doing?
You want to share within the global community?


Then you should send us photos, short videos (links) and description of your project or company.
We will feature your activity under "EXAMPLES"



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Nailoke in Namibia /small Bakery Project


For the implementation of this project, the International Solar Energy Society ( had a unique position to draw together the experience and expertise of its international members and contacts to assist in developing this field of solar utilization and improve the knowledge and visibility thereof. Phases I to III (May 2005 – February 2009) of the Solar Food Processing project was financed by WISIONS, an initiative of the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy, to foster practical sustainable energy projects. Since 2008 the network is maintained by a German NGO "Solare Zukunft" meaning "Solar Future"