Links of network Partners

EG Solar (Parabolic Solar Cookers, Germany)

EG Solar was set up as a registered charitable organisation with well over 100 members. Our simply constructed solar cookers, which are now being used in more than 80 countries, have proved their worth time and time again. Working in collaboration with the industrial school, we continue to develop new model cookers based on suggestions for improvements made by users all over the world. Our partners are then invited to try out the improved solar cookers.


Innotech - Solar Drying Technology

Innovative drying technology, manifold distinguished, worldwide approved.... (Site language: German, English, Spanish)


Ökozentrum Langenbruck - Das Kompetenzzentrum für zukunftsfähige Entwicklungen


The Centre of Appropriate Technology and Social Ecology CATSE develops and implements since more than 25 years ideas for a sustainable future in the areas of renewable energy, the environment, education and society.


Renewable Energy Center, Mithradham, India


In the center they produce solar dried fruits, herbs and spices. The concept is a general approach to realise a sustainable living by using renewable energy technology.


Solar Cookers International


Solar Cookers International is a nonprofit organization with headquarters in Sacramento, California, USA and an office in Nairobi, Kenya. Over 30,000 families have benefited directly from SCI field projects and countless others have used SCI resources to learn how to make and use solar cookers and teach others to do the same.


Solar Cooking Archive


The largerst collection of solar cooking information. The Solar Cooking Archive is sponsored by Solar Cooker International.


Solare Bruecke (Scheffler Mirrors)


Multilingual website with detailled information about Scheffller-Mirrors and other solar cookers


Solar Household Energy (SHE)


Solar Household Energy (SHE), a 501(c)(3) not-for profit corporation, seeks to harness free enterprise to introduce solar cooking where it can improve quality of life and relieve stress on the environment. Working with private entities and NGOs, SHE designs and oversees training and distribution projects in Mexico, Central America and Africa.




SUN AND ICE is a Limited company and is a continuum of the non-profit society EGSOLAR E.V. attached to the Technical Collage of Altötting formed in 1993. The target of this society was to produce and distribute Solar Cookers to country’s where firewood is a problem, thus giving the local forestry a chance to reforest.


Society for Energy, Environment and Development

Society for Energy, Environment and Development formed in 1987 by a few professionals with expertise in Engineering, Management, Solar Energy, Law and Social Work. The purpose of this NGO is to draw upon the expertise of these fields of study to create awareness about the Environment and Energy issues and creating devices to enhance the quality of life.

SEED invented Solar Powered Solar Air Dryer designed by Prof M. Ramakrishna Rao, the Solar Air Dryer invention is patented by Indian Patents Office with a patent number 211911. SEED involved in Food Processing technologies using Solar Dryers. The Solar Air Dryers and Food Processing Technology is developed by R&D team headed by
Prof. M. Ramakrishna Rao. Also SEED marketing Solar dried Products.

SEED promotes community development activities under a four-fold program of employment, self-help,health and education. Also SEED contributes to society in establishing in micro-enterprises in solar food processed products in rural areas. SEED recognised and awarded Awards & Rewards by various Goverment and Non-Government organisations.